Intellectual Property Law

We offer legal services in the field of intellectual property law and media law – with particular focus on protection of personal rights violated by press as well as image protection. Legal services within media law include protection of personal interests including consultancy and conducting negotiations in order to settle disputes as well as legal action against infringement of personal rights. Legal aid regarding image protection where violation by either printed and electronic media occurred due to the lack of consent of the person whose image has been used has not been obtained

Legal services in the area of intellectual property law also include:

  • advising authors’ regarding protection of their work before its publication;

  • protection of the work after its publication – cease and desist letters to potential infringers (regarding all forms of works);

  • representing the authors before collective rights management organizations

  • in cases concerning the recognition of the author’s work as a ‘work’ within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and submitting the work to the protection regime of collective rights management organizations;

  • protection of copyright holders against excessive claims from collective management organizations.




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