Sports Law

Sport is a multifaceted undertaking that calls for a comprehensive legal service  To succeed in sport a unique combination of hard work, spark of brilliance and a vast array of skills is required. At Kalwas & Partners we know this very well. With experience in many areas of law and business as well as a practical knowledge of the legal landscape in different jurisdictions (Poland, England and Wales, the Netherlands) we provide services of the highest quality. Expertise in particular aspects of sports law allow us to identify the issue at hand immediately and develop tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to the needs and satisfaction of our Clients.

We advise on the following:

  • establishing sport clubs;
  • protection and commercial exploitation of athlete’s image rights;
  • protection and commercial explotation of club’s registered marks;
  • drafting of licensing agreements (image and/ or registered marks);
  • drafting of professional players contracts;
  • drafting of contracts in relation to mass events organisation;
  • drafting of liability limitation clauses for mass events organisers;
  • drafting of contracts in relation to mass events’ participation;
  • representation before arbitration tribunals and courts of law





Michał Kramar